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A lot of creativity, time and energy went into creating this immersive event. We'd like to sincerely thank our tech team, actors, volunteers and every organization that lended a hand to make this possible! 


Directed by

John Maness


Louisa Koeppel


Written by

Jeff Posson, Renee Davis Brame,

Aaron Brame, Gabe Beutel-Gunn


Costume Designer

Alexandria Perel Sams


Lighting and Sound Design

Kristen Fisher & Jeremy Fisher


Audio Recording

Bob Arnold

Produced by

Julia Hinson, Natalie Jones, Rae Boller



Starring: Shaleen Cholera, Doug Johnson, Natalie Jones, Stephanie Mei Hom, Katie McIntrye, Evan Mann, Ama Ehrmann, Adrienne Lamb, Kate Peckham, Jen Russell, Diana Steig,  James Hanauer, Kaci Renfroe


Special Thanks: Playhouse on the Square, Germantown Community Theater, Malco, Theatre Memphis, Ballet Memphis, Tennessee Shakespeare, Betty Dilley, Gabe Skinner, Mandy Heath, Aaron Brame, Michael Entmann, Mystie Watson, Laurie and Greg Boller, April Vincent, Gayle Emmich, Carmen Mandley, Chloe and Sean Williams, Meredith Serna, Michelle Ervin, Jim and Jo Lynn Palmer, TheatreWorks,  Aliza Moran, Gordon Ginsberg, Diana Steig, James Hanauer, Gabe Beutel-Gunn, Andrew Glenn, Shamefinger, TapBox, Heels, Lipstick Stains, Alice Hasen, Chris Tracy, Cameron Mann, Kara Bruzina, Mary Catherine McHenry, Hutchison Fine Arts, Tracey Gilmore, and Adam Remsen.


Stage Manager 

Marya Paolillo


Assistant Stage Manager

Kari Kennedy


Technical Direction

Jeremy Fisher


Set Design

J. David Galloway



Shannon Little


Poster Design

Marya Paolillo


Promotional Photos

Jen Russell

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