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Natalie Jones, Rae Boller, Aliza Moran, Renee Davis Brame, Julia Hinson


Tech Director

Andrew Glenn



Travis Bradley and Jordan Nichols


Stage Management

Kari Kennedy


Lighting Design

Wes Youngblood

Sound Design

Jeremy and Kristen Fisher


Props and Set Dressing

 Laurie Boller


Magical Creature Direction

Julia Hinson


Set Construction

Greg Boller, Gabe Beutel Gunn, 

Laurie Boller, Natalie Jones, Rae Boller, Julia Hinson, Will Loden


Public Relations

Shannon Little 

Box Office and House Volunteers: Meredith Serna, James Hanauer, Lyric Peters, Renee Davis Brame, Amanda Ehrmann, Danna Darty


Star and Micey

Wilson Good

Annie Freres


Katie McIntrye

Eileen Kuo

Tom Slage

 Jay Goff

Crystal Carpenter

Mark Edgar Stuart

Kitty Dearing and Evan Farris



Stephanie Mei Hom

Katy Frederick Stanfield

Francis Hord

Jaylon McCraven


Magical Creatures

Edna Dinwidde

Adrianne Lamb

Myesha Williams

Jen Russell

Katie McIntrye

Diana Stieg

Evan Mann. 

Special Thanks to the Following: Bill Andrews, Renee Davis Brame, Jackie Nichols, Playhouse on the Square, Kristen and Jeremy Fisher, Macaroon Menagerie, Judith Cardozo, Kelly Phillips, Josh Hardison and Juan Montoya and Family

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